Innovation and Growth: Lowe’s Life Perspectives

How Lowe’s is Pioneering Innovation in Home Improvement


In the ever-evolving landscape of home improvement, Lowe’s stands as a beacon of innovation. From the aisles of their stores to the digital realm, Lowe’s has consistently pushed boundaries, redefining what it means to enhance our living spaces. In this article, we delve into Lowe’s commitment to growth, the birth of The Lowe’s List for Innovation, and how they’re shaping the future of home improvement.

The Lowe’s List for Innovation: A Game-Changer

Lowe’s understands that choosing the right products for your home can be overwhelming. With over two million items available, finding the best, most efficient, and innovative solutions can be time-consuming. Enter The Lowe’s List for Innovation. Launched recently, this curated list features 60 top-tier products across various departments. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, this list guides you directly to the items that will elevate your home and simplify your life.

Why The Lowe’s List? Insights from Bill Boltz

We sat down with Bill Boltz, Lowe’s Executive Vice President of Merchandising, to understand the rationale behind The Lowe’s List for Innovation:

  1. Customer Advocacy: Lowe’s prides itself on being the customers’ advocate for value. Highlighting new and innovative products is a way to fulfill this commitment.
  2. Beyond Gadgets: Innovation at Lowe’s transcends mere gadgets. It’s about introducing game-changing products that address real needs, making lives easier and homes smarter.
  3. Handpicked Excellence: The products on The Lowe’s List are meticulously selected by an in-house team of experts. These merchants, trend analysts, and marketers ensure that each item goes beyond expectations.

Criteria for Selection

What makes a product worthy of The Lowe’s List? Here are the criteria:

  1. Problem Solvers: Does it solve a problem in the home? Lowe’s seeks products that enhance daily living.
  2. Time Savers: Can it save time for professionals or homeowners? Efficiency matters.
  3. Inspiration: Does it inspire customers in unexpected ways? Innovation isn’t just about function; it’s about sparking creativity.

Exclusivity and Customer Insights

While some products on The Lowe’s List may be exclusive to Lowe’s, the focus isn’t solely on exclusivity. Instead, it’s about offering the best in each category. Customer insights play a crucial role. After a century of serving homeowners, Lowe’s understands their needs and preferences. The selected products reflect this deep understanding.

Courage and Conviction

Lowe’s Innovation Labs, the hub for emerging technology, embodies courage. They explore futuristic concepts, challenge doubts, and make data-driven decisions. Their mission? To transform the way we live, shop, and work.


As Lowe’s continues to innovate, it remains not just a home improvement retailer but a catalyst for positive change. The Lowe’s List for Innovation is a testament to their commitment to growth, excellence, and making our homes smarter, one product at a time.

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