Lowe’s Community Impact: Building Stronger Neighborhoods


When it comes to making a difference, Lowe’s doesn’t just hammer nails and paint walls. Nope, they’re out there in the community, sleeves rolled up, making things happen. You know, like that friendly neighbor who shows up with a casserole when you’re feeling down. Except Lowe’s brings power tools instead of lasagna.

Lowe’s Hometowns: A $100 Million High-Five to Local Communities

Picture this: Lowe’s, the home improvement superhero, swooping down with a cape made of 100 million dollars. That’s right, folks. They’ve committed to investing this whopping amount over the next five years. It’s like Oprah’s “You get a car! And you get a car!” but with hammers and paintbrushes.

What’s the Deal with Lowe’s Hometowns?

Lowe’s Hometowns isn’t just a fancy name for their break room. It’s a program that’s all about giving back to the places they call home. You see, Lowe’s knows that strong neighborhoods are the backbone of any community. So, they’re rolling up their sleeves (and maybe even their pant legs) to make homes better for everyone.

The Nitty-Gritty Details

Here’s the lowdown: Lowe’s Hometowns will tackle nearly 1,800 community impact projects every year from 2022 to 2026. That’s like a DIY marathon! They’ll spruce up neighborhood housing, jazz up parks, and give community centers a fresh coat of paint. And guess what? You get to be part of the action.

Nominate Your Hometown Hero Project

Got a rundown playground that needs some love? Or maybe your local community center is feeling a bit drab? Well, grab your phone, head to Lowes.com/hometowns, and nominate that deserving project. It’s like voting for the prom queen, but instead of a tiara, you get a shiny new swing set.

Bobby Berk: The Design Guru with a Heart of Gold

Lowe’s has teamed up with Bobby Berk, the design wizard from “Queer Eye.” He’s like the fairy godmother of home improvement. One lucky nominated project will get the Berk treatment – a personal design makeover. Think Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage, but with throw pillows and succulents.

My Friend’s Place: A Shelter with a Makeover Mission

Bobby Berk isn’t just twirling his design wand in the air. He’s already nominated My Friend’s Place, a shelter in Los Angeles. These folks help homeless youth get back on their feet. And now, thanks to Bobby, they’ll have a revamped space that’s cozier than a kitten in a cashmere sweater.

Why Now? Because Communities Need a Hug

Let’s face it – the pandemic has been a buzzkill. Nonprofits are working overtime, and community centers are feeling the squeeze. But Lowe’s is here to give them a virtual bear hug. They’re saying, “Hey, community, we’ve got your back.” And that’s a sentiment more heartwarming than a cup of cocoa on a snowy day.

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